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About Famcare Pharmacy

Established in 2014, FamCare Pharmacy is a well-stocked chemist that accepts all Medical Aids. We work together with our patients to actively manage and promote good health.

FamCare Pharmacy is a member of Alpha Pharm; the largest national group of independent community pharmacies.

Conveniently located in a medical centre with a diverse support group consisting of ENT, Dermatologist, Physician, Dentist, GP and a theatre for minor procedures.

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We understand that while we need the highest levels of safety – the care and treatment we offer must never be compromised. If you are wanting to build a relationship with a pharmacy that is willing to provide expert advice, prescription medications, over the counter remedies, health checks and home delivery all with an empathetic listening ear and caring heart, visit us at FamCare Pharmacy.


Gideon van der Watt has over 30 years’ experience, and is passionate about your wellbeing. He offers discreet and professional advice and support on all your health and wellbeing needs.



38 St James Rd,
East London, 5213

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